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Web Site Quality Defined

The quality of a web site is a very difficult value to measure. Visitors to your web site will make a near instantaneous decision as to the perceived quality of the web site and therefore the quality of your company. A badly thought-out web site can only reflect negatively on your company image and will almost certainly affect the number of sales or enquiries you receive.

To achieve a high quality web site we believe the following points should be carefully considered before any design and development is undertaken:

  • The target audience that the site is to be aimed at
  • The visual impact and conversion of your corporate identity
  • The choice of navigation and layout of information
  • The site copy and tone used throughout
  • Any legal or regulatory requirements
  • The choice of images and other presentational elements
  • The process for each common path within the site
  • The speed and security of both site content and functional logic
  • The selection and performance of all functional elements
  • The compatibility requirements of your web site
  • Promotional methods to be used

As the site is developed there are further considerations which must be built in as part of the underlying structure.

  • Accessibility and standards compliance
  • Browser and device compatibility
  • Scaleable and structural stability
  • Search engine compatibility
  • Error handling and notification
  • Security, spam and other misuse protection
  • Image and code optimisation
  • Tracking and ROI (Return On Investment) systems

Once the site has been launched further ongoing considerations and monitoring must be set-up to ensure continuous operation.

  • 24/7 Site availability and speed monitoring
  • New browser version compatibility
  • Updated standards compliance
  • Ongoing error monitoring and reactions
  • Ongoing search engine compatibility testing

Although the lists above are not exhaustive it is clear to see that the level of detail required is quite extensive. We believe to achieve a high quality solution the above items must be included in addition to good design and programming skills.

If you would like us to review your web site please send us your details and we will perform a quality test and send you a simple report by email.

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