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Code Ownership – you own what you have paid for!

Many organisations do not realise the issues surrounding code ownership until they attempt to expand or relocate their web site. Many web sites utilise full or part functionality that belongs to a central system. In practise this works perfectly until you want to enhance or change the functionality beyond that of the original system specification. Often the only option is to completely rebuild your site as a bespoke project or convince the developers to add this functionality to all their clients’ sites.

Crisp eBusiness always build sites as ‘stand-alone’ portable projects. This offers you the scalability to expand without restriction as well as the ability to locate your web site on any compatible hosting platform. You may wish to choose other developers (possibly due to your physical relocation) or even bring in your own developers in-house to manage the ongoing development.

We ensure that all code is properly formatted and standards compliant as well using the industry standard ‘Fusebox’ methodology to ensure compatibility between different developers. This eliminates the expensive process of new developers having to familiarise themselves with your code.

We can offer a copy of all your web sites code, databases, configuration and design files which will simply be charged at an hourly rate depending on the exact requirements and backup medium required.

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