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Marketing Consultants

Our Crisp Group in-house team of specialist marketing consultants are able to offer professional advice, guidance and support to ensure that your Internet strategy is in harmony with your existing marking plan. Our consultants are able to offer a range of Internet related services including:

  • Developing strategic marketing action plans
  • Market research surveys
  • Competitor research & analysis
  • Capitalising on and protecting Intellectual Property
  • Enhancement of e-business capability
  • Supporting funding & grant applications
  • Copywriting and copy proofing
  • Offline promotion management
  • Offline PR management
  • Online advertising strategies

Unlike most ‘Internet only’ development companies our marketing specialists have a wealth of experience in a wide range of related areas. We able to assign the best consultant for your market sector and can call upon a number of specialist skills including:

  • Brand repositioning
  • Product development
  • Vertical business development
  • Developing export potential
  • Business restructuring and staff development

Our clients find our marketing based approach a realistic and logical way to progress their projects. More importantly we apply normal business aims and considerations to what is sadly often a marketing free area of their business.

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