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Web site development funding opportunities in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset

Funding Opportunities

In some cases it is possible to obtain funding towards the costs of your web site development. Each funding body had its own rules on eligibility which can include restrictions based on location, project type, and industry sector.

Crisp eBusiness is an approved supplier for most major funding organisations and can offer assistance with the preparation of your funding proposal where applicable. We have a number of clients who have been successful with their applications and in most cases we have relationships with named contacts at each main funding body.

We can also undertake a funding/grant search on your behalf.

The main funding sources in the South West are:

Broadband4Devon -


  • Your business must be located and at least 25% owned in Devon.
  • Your business must be connected to and using broadband
  • You must have no more than 249 full-time employees.
  • Your company must have received no more than €100,000 (approx. £70,000) of state aid in the last three years. This includes government grants.
  • Your company must have an annual turnover of less than €50 millions approx. (approx. £35 millions).

To obtain funding you must be within an objective 2 Area of Devon.

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Possible subsidies

  • You spend £2,500 and you may be eligible for a subsidy of £1,000
  • You spend £6,250 may be eligible for a subsidy of £2,500
  • You spend on £12,500 may be eligible for a subsidy of £5,000

ACT NOW Accelerator -

Accelerator provides up to 40% funding for business broadband users who are registered with the ACT NOW programme and wish to move their businesses forward using ICT hardware and software solutions to climb the ICT and e-commerce adoption ladders. Businesses are able to work with their free ICT adviser to seek the most appropriate means of improving business performance through new technologies achievable with Broadband. Business costs covered include computer hardware and software and the development and upgrade of web sites.

Connecting Somerset -

This project works with companies which want to make the most of broadband and IT, and who have IT training needs. The programme offers grants, advice and support.


  • All types of businesses are welcome to apply.
  • The business must contribute to Somerset's GDP.
  • The company's main place of trading must be in Somerset.
  • The business must not have received in excess of £100,000 in state aid in last three year period.

Possible subsidies

  • Discretionary, the maximum grants will cover 50% of project costs.

Xpand Dorset -

Provides access to a wealth of information resources, business briefing, seminars, impartial advice and guidance that will demonstrate the benefits of broadband and ICT. This may include an examination of the business to see where technology can help and also the opportunity of funded support for projects.


  • The business must be based in Dorset
  • The business must be a small or medium-sized enterprise
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