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New Web Site For Mama Stones - Latest News

New Web Site For Mama Stones

Crisp eBusiness have launched the new web site for Mama Stones - a live music venue, bar and Mexican restaurant located in Exeter.

The Mama Stones web site

"Mama Stones offers an intimate setting, vibrant hand painted patterns adorn the walls, echoing tribal patterns taken from cultures that have lent their rhythms to the Western Worlds music. It has an old school feel, reminiscent of years gone by. Reminding those of us that are old enough to remember, of how things used to be, and introducing a style of entertainment to the younger generation that has been sadly lacking in recent years."

Source: Mama Stones

The new web site incorporates a content management system enabling the client to keep the site regularly updated. The site also features an event booking system.

Visit the Mama Stones web site »

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