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Our conference speaking engagements

Our Head Application Developer, John Whish will be speaking at Europe's largest Adobe ColdFusion conference, Scotch on the Rocks, this May in London. 

SOTR 2010John reguarly presents to the Devon ColdFusion User Group, and will be talking at Scotch on Rocks on SQL to HQL, the new Object Orientated query language introduced as part of ColdFusion 9. 

The topic extract from the Scotch on the Rocks web site is:

"This presentation is for developers who work with legacy databases, are familiar with SQL and want to learn about leveraging ColdFusion's new ORM capabilities. ColdFusion's ORM uses Hibernate; which has a powerful query language (HQL) that is similar in appearance to SQL. Unlike SQL, HQL is fully object-oriented."

You can find out more about Scotch on the Rocks on their web site:

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