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Happy Tiny Babies web site launched - Latest News

Happy Tiny Babies web site launched

Happy Tiny BabiesHappy Tiny Babies launches their online shop catering for premature babies.

Many of the high street stores sell premature clothing, but in all reality they are just not small enough. Happy Tiny Babies have spent a great deal of time searching for the best products available and wherever possible, selecting British made first. They aim to supply everything that you will need without having to search the high street for the elusive sleepsuit and a dummy small enough for that tiny mouth.

The web site is powered by our own Crisp Commerce Express, which has all you need to get your business trading online. Crisp Commerce Express is a tried and tested solution, developed over a period of time that features a Content Management System (CMS) for products, categories and general information pages. Developed to integrate with the leading Payment Service Providers including SECPAY, PayPal & Barclay’s ePDQ, Crisp Commerce Express solution offers a ‘ready to run’ user friendly eCommerce store.

For more information about Happy Tiny Babies please visit the web site:

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