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Sunshield Products web site launched - Latest News

Sunshield Products web site launched

Sun shield screen shotA new web site for Sun Shield products has been developed by Crisp eBusiness. The new site is powered by our ’Core Express’ content management system, allows for text and images to updated in real time just using a web browser.

Sun Shield offers the original patented solar reflective insert for polycarbonate roofs, designed specifically to keep your conservatory cool in the summer by rejecting up to 80% of the suns heat before it has a chance to enter the conservatory. For glass roofed conservatories we offer a wide range of laminates offering similar performances.

“After seeing Crisp’s Portfolio we had very high expectations for our new site and are pleased to say that they have been met. Crisp took on board everything that we asked for and we are thrilled with the final result. We found them to be efficient and their back end system (to update the sites content) very user friendly.”

- Mandy Newby

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