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Modules add additional functionality to your Crisp web site


Crisp eBusiness has a library of ‘pre-engineered’ solutions which can be installed into your web site structure and customised to suit your exact requirements. These universal modules will work with any of our web solutions. If you require functionality that is not listed here please contact us for a custom solution.

All the modules listed below add additional functionality to your Crisp web site. In most cases there is a secure online control centre to allow you to make changes in real-time.

  • Document archive
    Companies who wish to share files with the public (or as part of an extranet) can use the document archive module to list download files available. Each file can have a title and a description as well as an automatically assigned logo to indicate file type. For larger archives categories can be defined to allow files to be grouped.
  • Booking system
    The booking system module offers visitors the ability to reserve places for events, seminars and similar services. Booking systems normally offer time, date and location restricted allocation of placements, tickets or other limited resources. A calendar at the centre of this system allows the administrator to input the available offerings and supporting details. Visitors would be able to perform a variety of searches or simply browse available categories.
    Bookings may be as straightforward as an email request (with the actual allocation taking place manually) or a fully functional online allocation and payment system.
  • Classifieds
    Classified adverts can be posted using the classifieds module. Each advert can include a title, description, multiple images and category. Larger modules may include a search facility and options to submit a classified advert online. This module may be used in public or private area and contains a full editor.
  • CMS page management
    This extremely powerful module offers the ultimate in Content Management. Add, edit and remove pages from specific areas in your web site and the navigation will automatically update to allow your visitors access. Each page position can be re-ordered in the control centre and shows last updated information to assist with edit control.
  • Competition
    The competition module offers your visitors a chance to enter an online competition. Competitions can be set to start and finish on specific dates with full instructions and an entry mechanism. Each entry would normally be multiple choice answers or free form text fields. Submitted entries would normally be stored in your control centre for later viewing.
  • Events diary
    Advertise events on your web site with the events diary module. Each event can include title, description, image, dates, location, price, link and any other related fields. Events are displayed in date order with the closest event first. All events can be automatically removed once they have expired. This module may be used in public or private area and contains a full editor.
  • Login for Extranet
    An extranet login module provides a secure area on your web site that may contain existing or new web pages. Individual logins are maintained through the control centre and can offer either single or multi tiered access to the content contained within. Past examples of this module have included single step online registration or manually validated multi step processes. Facilities such as password retrieval are common for this type of system.
    Extranets may contain all manner of pages and functionality and can be bespoke projects. However it is possible to build quite powerful extranet systems using the modules available in our library.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
    A potentially powerful system offering the answers to common questions in an easy to navigate module. Normally all the questions are listed at the top of the page and a simple click takes you straight to the answer. As the number of questions increases it is possible to have categories or other methods of sorting.
  • Forum
    The forum module provides a flexible communication platform that is perfect for community, support and general discussion applications. Member directories/profiles, sticky posts, forum code and moderation control are all built in as standard with the additional potential to integrate with existing online systems.
  • Image gallery
    The image gallery module facilitates multiple image display in an easy to view format. This can be as simple as a click through thumbnail list or as complex as a searchable multi-category image management system. Images may have titles, descriptions, categories, keywords, locations and reference numbers or simply a grid style thumbnail list. Image galleries may be public or protected by a login system.
  • Links
    The links module allows site owners to maintain outgoing links on their web site. Each link may also contain a title, description and thumbnail. Larger link collections can be organised into categories to aid navigation.
  • Meeting minutes
    Some organisations require meeting minutes to be stored online for public (or private) viewing. The meeting minutes module allows either full minutes or attached files to be published in date order. Minutes may be deleted (i.e. after a year) or can simply be archived to keep the list easy to use. A full editor is provided for the minute body.
  • Latest news
    Our most popular module so far. Latest news is a straightforward system allowing news articles to be posted to your web site with associated images where required. Articles are usually listed in date order with smaller thumbnail images shown in the main article list. Full editor control is available for the article body. It is possible to automatically archive articles once they are a certain age or this could be a manual process.
  • Newsletter signup
    In conjunction with a mailing list the newsletter signup module allows visitors to your web site to subscribe to your newsletter. Visitors enter their email address into the signup form and then reply to the confirmation email to complete a sign up. Unsubscribing is handled automatically by the email server by simply sending an unsubscribe email from the address in question.
    Emails that are to be circulated to the mailing list are simply sent from a pre-approved address containing a secret password for additional authorisation. The mailing list server will then distribute at a set speed automatically removing any dead or bounced emails.
  • Special offers
    A versatile module that can be used to advertise special offers or any other type of announcement. Multiple offers can be listed with images if required. Expiry dates can be set for automatic removal and all offers can be saved for later use. Full editor control is available for the offer body.
  • CMS page (each)
    CMS pages can be either standalone content controlled pages or part of a page management system as described above. Each page has full content control using our powerful web based editor. Multiple images, links, downloads and text styles can be applied to each page all using set styles based on the overall site style guide.
  • Poll/questionnaire
    Hold online surveys on your web site using the poll/questionnaire module. You can obtain vital market research data online and view the results real-time. Your poll may have several multiple choice answers with accumulative results shown to the visitor after they have submitted. Questionnaires can have free form answers or a sequence of multiple choice options. Results to submitted questionnaires would normally be stored in your control centre for later viewing.
  • Press releases
    Similar to latest news, press releases allows articles to be listed in date order with associated images where applicable. Press releases also allows downloads for each article that may be used for word, PDF or image files. A full editor is provided for the article body and archiving can be enabled if necessary.
  • Recruitment
    List available job vacancies and allow candidates to apply online with the recruitment module. Each position may list a job title, description, salary, location, CV upload and any other related fields. Bigger systems may have vacancies organised by category and even a search facility. Candidates can apply online with each application either being sent to a designated email address (with attached CV file) or remain in the control centre for viewing online.
  • Site search
    A site search module will allow visitors to perform site wide keyword searches. Brochure pages will be indexed on launch, any new content added through CMS or other modules will be indexed immediately. The results of a search will be listed in a page with a set number of results per page. Clicking on the results titles will load the desired page. Advanced searching options can be added for larger sites.

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