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Crisp Hosting provides clients with a fast, secure and reliable service.


Hosting ServicesReliable hosting for your web site is crucial to ensure maximum uptime, speed and system security. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now host several hundred domains per server which can result in heavily shared resources as well as being a challenging prospect for a hacker.

Crisp Hosting is reserved for our web site & eCommerce clients only. We do not offer hosting only services and we do not provide FTP or server level access. This ensures that we continue to provide ultra-fast, robust hosting as part of our overall service.

Authorised Reseller ValidationAvailable services

  • Domain registration and hosting
  • DNS management
  • Web site hosting
  • Email (POP3, IMAP & SMTP)
  • SQL Database hosting
  • ColdFusion Application hosting
  • Online statistics

What do you get?

  • Compaq/HP managed hardware
  • Unlimited bandwidth potential
  • Dual redundant systems
  • 24/7 technician monitoring
  • Cisco managed firewalls
  • UPS and generator backup
  • Multiple backbone connections
  • Named person client support


The Crisp eBusiness hosting facility benefits from a high-speed resilient backbone with 4 diverse carriers offering ultra fast connections with almost unlimited bandwidth combinations.

Hardware overview

Compaq rack mounted servers are used for maximum reliability; each has an onsite hardware support contract to ensure minimum delay in case of hardware failures.

All essential services are duplicated using separate servers in separate racks. This ensures a smooth switch over using load balancing and failover techniques. All hardware utilises SCSI Raid arrays for maximum protection against hard disk failures.

Security Systems

Our hosting centre offers high levels of physical security. All visitors pass through several secure areas before entering the facility, access is also closely monitored and logged using door-entry systems and 24-hour electronic surveillance.

The key aspect in the design of our hosting centre has been the ease with which faults can be identified, diagnosed and resolved. Each installed server and firewall system employs a policy based event logging, notification and resolution system, which is configured to automatically restart failed services in accordance with a determined policy.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) constantly monitor the network for any signature attacks such as denial of service and will notify the hosting centre manager should any occur. This then links into the centralised monitoring system, which constantly monitors for messages and sends alerts, based on our tightly defined criteria.

Our hosting centre uses extensive Firewall solutions to help protect servers against malicious hacking and viruses. We also provide solutions that enable dynamic detection of suspicious network activity and instantly prevent unauthorised access to data and system resources.

Backups, Redundancy and Resilience

Each cabinet is individually powered with an individual fire detector, which will shut off the power to the cabinet prior to a fire developing.

The facility is totally self-sufficient with regard to mains power as it is equipped with a building UPS and standby power generator.

Network Services from four separate carriers are diversely routed into the building to provide additional resilience.

Daily backups for each server are carried out using a 4-week rotational schedule with copies stored off site for maximum protection. SQL databases have additional transactional backups as a custom service for each installation.

If you would like to discuss your hosting requirements in more detail please phone 08448 123 100 or contact us online

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