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The process

Each Core Express web site is developed using a tried and tested process. The list below illustrates the steps involved in an average project.


  1. Specification and quotesQuotes – By discussing your requirements our consultants can accurately define and quote your desired solution. We then create a detailed web site plan which when approved will for the ‘blueprints’ for the build process.
  2. DesignDesign – Visual mock-ups are designed and placed in our online viewing area for your approval. We request that the final design choice is signed off to ensure that you are completely happy with the style to be used.
  3. BuildBuild – Our team of professional developers will install and customise your new online web site to your exact requirements (as defined by steps 1 & 2). A series of rigorous tests will ensure that all elements are checked for optimal stability and performance.
  4. PreviewPreview – The completed web site is uploaded to our dedicated preview servers and placed in a password protected area. We invite you to inspect your new web site and familiarise yourself with the controls.
  5. TrainingTraining – We provide training by telephone or in person using our dedicated training room facilities. In practise most of our clients find that a 15 minute telephone training session is all they need to get started. Additional support is available as required.
  6. PopulatingPopulating – The web site can be populated in one of two ways (depending on what was agreed in the initial specification). Either our developers will import the images and site copy from the provided files, or you can manually fill the site using the online control centre.
  7. LaunchLaunch – When you are ready to go live we move your site onto our high speed Internet servers. This process usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Your site will then be ready for visitors.

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