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Common questions

How long does it take before we can go live?
The project size and amount of product preparation will usually dictate the overall timeframe. Average projects can take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the number of pages to be featured. If you are using Core Express to upgrade your existing web site then things can progress very much quicker.
How much will it cost?
Core Express projects start at £995 plus VAT. Content stocking, additional modules and any additional bespoke work will be quoted based on your exact requirements. An annual hosting fee is charged to keep your web site live and supported in our managed environment.
When do I have to pay?
We normally request a 50% deposit when the project is booked in. We then charge for part of the remaining balance at the end of each month (once we have completed 50% of the agreed project) until the project is complete.
How much work do I have to do?
If you already have a web site and are upgrading then the only work you need to do is to make changes and improvements to your existing content. If this is your first web site then you will need to prepare site copy, images and any additional files/downloads.
Do we own our web site?
When we build you a web site it is created and customised for your needs. You are not part of a central system and therefore your site is completely portable. If you wish to host your site elsewhere we can provide you with a CD containing all the code and database files required.
How will I get in the search engines?
The sites that we build are totally search engine compatible and over time will be automatically indexed by the main search engines. Many of our clients choose to use our promotion services to give their web site a head start.
Can I update the code myself?
Web sites that we build and host are normally maintained by our development team. This ensures that any changes made are 100% compatible with the existing code. As we do not allow clients FTP access to our servers (see below) it is not possible to edit the code. Your online control centre allows you to perform many tasks without needing access to the inner workings of the web site.
Can I use FTP to access our web site?
We do not offer FTP access on our live web servers as this is considered to be a security risk on servers containing eCommerce web sites.
Can we host this in our own web space?
If your web space offers ColdFusion server and access to an MS SQL server you can host it yourself. Normally we recommend using our specially configured web servers which are monitored and constantly updated to protect your web site from malicious attacks. There are also additional benefits if we are providing you with promotional services as we can easily link your web site into our advanced statistics systems.

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