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Integration options

Existing databases, spreadsheets and accounting systems often contain the most up to date information on your products. In most cases it is necessary to connect your web site to these systems to avoid duplication and unsynchronised data.

There are three powerful options for integrating Commerce Express:

  1. Direct XML connection
  2. Provide web service
  3. Connect to web service

Network CableDirect XML connection

If you are using Microsoft Access, Excel or similar application we can work with your systems provider to allow your application to ‘feed’ your web site. This may be as simple as updating prices/stock levels or as complicated as providing all the product and site content.

This service is ideal for organisations that have extensive internal systems that are regularly updated and where maintaining two product lists would be impractical. We provide sample code and a test environment to your systems provider along with documentation and technical support.

Provide web service

If you wish to use your web site as your main database then we can provide a web service for your internal systems to connect to. This offers secure web based connections for your accounting, database and CRM systems. Orders, customer details, product information and even reports can all be downloaded as required by any connected systems. This option would require that your systems could consume a web service and may require appropriate middleware.

This option is suitable for organisations that prefer to keep their data in a central location and who may need access from remote/multiple locations. We will provide a test environment to your systems provider along with relevant documentation and expert technical support.

Connect to web service

If your web site needs to utilise external data from one or multiple sources we can provide connections to consume external web services. This may include a web service hosted on your own network (e.g. to provide stock levels, customer account details) or services hosted by third party web sites (e.g. exchange rates, news feeds or product comparison networks).

Using this powerful option your web site can connect with many existing services allowing your visitors to experience a truly integrated environment.

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