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Crisp Group history.  Based in Exeter, Devon serving UK & international clients

Our History

Russell CrispFounded in 1988 by Russell Crisp, the organisation started life as a pioneering marketing consultancy practice that took a distinctly common-sense approach to developing business.

Initially supporting small to medium sized enterprises in the South West, but increasingly across the UK, and often now internationally, the organisation has practiced what it preached and has adapted and developed to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Early in 1990 we started to offer more than guidance and began to service our clients' creative requirements by developing marketing communications services, adding value through logical integration, attention to detail and quality management.

In 1997 we started to absorb the growing implications of the Internet and e-commerce into our consultancy approach to business. By 2000, our expertise was such that we were in a position to offer a strategic insight to taking advantage of the web to help position our clients as fully integrated e-businesses avoiding ill-thought out ‘bolt on’ web sites and the general hysteria of the hype.

In 2001, in an effort to fully support clients in developing their valuable human capital we introduced our e-based JobBoard and on-line recruitment profiling system. With these tools, we are able to support clients to maximise their recruitment processes – with the positive outcomes of higher productivity and effectiveness.

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